Breastfeeding Hurdles & How To's

Do you want to know how to prepare for the hurdles all breastfeeding moms experience? Then this course is perfect for you!


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Here's what's included!

Join thousands of mothers who have increased their confidence and met their breastfeeding goals!

"I always wanted to breastfeed, but my first experience didn’t go as I envisioned. It didn’t come natural tome and I wasn’t able to continue past a few days. So when I became pregnant for the second time I knew I needed to be more prepared. I found Lindsey from Lactation Link and took her Breastfeeding Basics class. I felt like I had everything I needed to successfully breastfeed."

"I am breastfeeding my second baby, and was having different issues than my first time around, namely lazy latch, bottle refusal, potential low milk supply, tongue tie. Finding Lactation Link on instagram saved my sanity! I hope all nursing mamas can have such a positive and helpful support in order to reach their goals!"

"I struggled when attempting to breastfeed my first daughter, so this time I was extremely apprehensive about trying again. Even though I’ve worked as a Maternity and Infant Nurse, none of my previous training was as valuable as taking classes with Lindsey. The information I received helped me to breastfeed effectively and immediately in the recovery room after my cesarean delivery"

"I learned so much at Lindsey’s Breastfeeding Basics class. I still look at my notes when I have questions. I recommend this class to everyone I know who is pregnant even if they’re on their second, third or sixth pregnancy."